Saturday, September 10, 2011

Belated RIP

This is a bit behind the times, but I've been busy. Sad to say, I have to add a correction to the previous post. The BBC Ouch! Messageboards were discontinued. Much to the dismay of the regular readers/posters/lurkers. But their opinion did not matter; they were only the public: "civilians", in celeb-speak. The BBC needs to save cash (for important peoples' salaries, for spending money sending presenters all over the world on first-class, because they couldn't possibly use the word "Rome" for example, without they are standing in front of the Colosseum, now could they?, for yet another turgid ahistorical costume drama)- and the Messageboards were seen as an easy target.

By removing the Messageboards and expecting users to be content with the blogs, podcasts, etc, the BBC did this: they removed forums where "ordinary people" (celeb-speak again) could communicate publicly, and handed to site over to celebrity crips telling the rest of us what life is like. Please, don't bother.