Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Voltaire, Thou Should'st Be Living At This Hour!

A fellow disabled blogger recently published some opinions which met with considerable disapproval.

I myself disagreed with what he said; I thought he was mistaken in his assumptions; so I replied to his blog, politely, with my reasons for thinking so. So did several others, all of us using our Blogger names.

He was not inciting racial hatred, not being blasphemous or defamatory, not inciting sexual violence. He is entitled to his opinions.

But the further response he has had, largely from annonymous correspondents, has led to him deleting the whole discussion and closing his blog to further input.

Fellow Bloggers, this is not on.

I can think of three reasons why anonymous abusives crawl out of the woodwork:
1. They can get on the net but are so mentally challenged that they cannot acquire a Blogger ID, a procedure which is hardly a proposition from Wittgenstein.
2. They have a Blogger ID but don't wish to use it when they are behaving in a way which they know themselves is shitty, in case they get identified.
3. They had a Blogger ID but have gone so far outside the rules for decent behaviour that they have had it withdrawn.

I don't accept anonymous input myself. If you haven't even the guts to sign your Blogger name, then I am not bothering to read you.


Blogger BloggingMone said...

I have read the blog you are referring to myself and did not agree to what the author wrote, but I was totally put off by the huge list of anonymous comments and so refrained from writing anything myself.
I so far only had two anonymous comments and tehy went into the bin as soon as they showed up.

10:23 am  
Blogger Becs said...

It's a shame a handful of whiners drove him away.

In the battle of "who is more disabled than whom", divisions are created, not community.

I miss that blog.

12:07 am  

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